voxel based game

I am new to UE4 and dev in general but I had a idea for a game (I have made small games in unity… not complete begginer)

So quick googling brought up random voxel generator plugins and whatnot so i know its possible, but I was wondering at how well voxel terrain works in UE4 like in terms of speed and loading the world as you walk through it. My primary concern is speed and being able to run on low end PCs fine, but I know UE is graphically advanced.

The kind of world im looking for is from:



Secondly can someone point me to something thatd help me understand how to make a shader similar in the style of those linked videos?

I have seen but its not beginner friendly…

Download the project and test for yourself. That is how to actually know, if someone on the forums says it does, or does not perform well it doesn’t actually give you knowledge, it’s someone else’s opinion.