Voxel auto-material?

So im toying with 4.26 and the voxel plug in, and im curious -note: im newbish- is it possible to create automaterial/master material for voxel worlds? (i mean im sure it is but) i tried looking for tutorials and read all through the manual (which could use an update) and tried simply importing my pixel based automaterial to a voxel world and as you can imagine that did not work lol best videos ive found show how ray cast or spawn on height data can be used from the pro version or you have to buy somones plugin and watch their video which im trying to stay within my budget of zero dollars so not an option atm. anyway, to summarize, can anyone help or point me to the resources for learning about voxel automaterial (or whatever it may be called) please?

any advice or links would be greatly appreciated-tyia :smiley: