Voxel Art — Creating large worlds in real time

Voxel Art Plugin — This is a tool that allows you to create entire worlds that you can modify directly in game mode. Landscapes can be completely different shapes, flat, ribbed, planetary, dune, it all depends on your imagination. Voxels can be not only cubic, but also smoothed. Which allows you to unleash your full creative potential, as well as enjoy the speed and great functionality of the plugin.

All of you know the game of mancraft, and what fantastic things you can make inside this amazing game. The world itself inside of minecraft is made up of voxels - cubes, but the voxels themselves can have completely different shapes. The Voxel Art plugin gives you the opportunity to create your own game with completely bizarre shapes and landscapes, in totally different styles. And the smart multi-threading and generation optimisation allows you to exploit the full potential of your computer power.

The upsides of the plugin:

  • Voxel Real time Editing
    Thanks to the voxel system, you’ll be able to edit your gaming landscape while you play. This is the main feature of voxels. You will be able to apply the editing property not only to the player, but also to car for example, say, make a separate drilling machine that can dig or build your terrain.

  • Voxel Importer
    The plugin supports a texture import system with a ready-made elevation map. Thus, even without calculating any algorithms, you can draw a map in any graphics editor and transfer it to a special component of the plugin, which will create a terrain for you in one click. In this way you can create quite wonderful worlds.

  • Voxel Storage
    Thanks to saving, you can save, delete, load new worlds infinitely, and experiment with different shapes in a few clicks. The entire world is saved in a separate file that you can share with anyone.

  • Voxel Preview mode
    The plugin supports a texture generation system for previewing noise (the potential landscape within the game). This way you can get a preview of your future terrain in one click. Also inside the editor you can find the function — Create World From Editor, thanks to which the world can be generated without starting the game (For doing some tests and arranging objects inside the level).

  • Voxel Multithreading
    The plugin supports multithreading and load balancing between video card and CPU. This allows you to maintain optimal FPS and determine the needed number of generated chunks per frame. And the async task system allows you to simultaneously generate several hundred new actors, so that the entire world (~2200 pieces) is generated in ~2.5 seconds

  • Voxel Task prioritisation system
    Allows the load to be distributed between important and less important tasks to be generated afterwards. This way all the closest chunks to the player will always be generated first. You can also manually prioritise the tasks themselves within the plugin by giving preference to generating leaves close to the player or the noise itself in general.

  • Any shapes for the world
    Thanks to my separate component system with the generator, you can create absolutely any shape or your future world in the game. It all comes down to mathematical formulas that you can apply. However, the list of ready-made tools, already available, will allow you to create an entire planet with beautiful topography in a couple of moves.

  • Creating your own world
    The size of the future world depends on you. At the moment, there is still a limit to the landscape, but in the future I will add the ability to create an infinite world.

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