Voting on Feedback and Features

Hey folks,

In an effort to help us surface the most-desired features and pressing feedback according to you, we’re going to try something new!

Starting today, we’re enabling the ability for you to vote on topics within Feedback for Unreal Engine team, as well as its sub-categories, Documentation Feedback and Unreal Online Learning Feedback.

Choose wisely—you have a limited number of votes, based on your trust level within Discourse. Currently, each level has the votes as follows:
New User: 5, Basic User: 10, Member: 20, Regular: 30.

While we are trialing this feature, please feel free to share your feedback on the voting system.

We hope that this will make it easier for you to promote the issues, feedback, and feature requests that are most important to you!


Voted on this thread. I have 29 votes left. Like, ever?

  • does it reset at the end of the month / year?
  • can I earn a vote?

Can you remove your vote from a topic you already voted on?



Looks like you can. Back to 30, wheee. I guess that’s the gimmick, you move your influence around…


Any votes that exist on a closed or archived topic will be released back to the users and can be applied to other issues, but the vote count on the topic remains, though if the topic is re-opened, the votes are reclaimed and applied back to the users.

As you have noticed, you can remove your votes from a thread. As we are trialing the feature, if we find that users need more votes per trust level to be effective, we would likely increase this.


While good idea, I feel like it falls very short due to the fact we can’t sort the threads by votes nor see the amount of votes on the section page.

It’s not like this data is hidden to the user, since user can open any thread to see the amount of votes, but comparing the popularity of different ideas this way would be beyond inconvenient.

Also, a little bit of offtopic, but I find it a bit puzzling we’ve been requesting custom forum avatars pretty much since the migration to discourse was finished, and we don’t have them yet, but at the same time we are receiving other new forum features which seem to be lower on the users’ wishlist.

I am inclined to agree that the format isn’t particularly well suited for the purpose although I do like the goal here. Sorting options would definitely be welcome.

Another criticism I have is that this forum has largely just become an unmoderated dumping ground of errors/issues people encounter that don’t actually provide any feedback or insight at all. The average person seems to to think that since the forum is titled “Feedback for Unreal Engine team” that if they just post their problem here, someone from Epic will respond to their issue and help them.

Much as I’d like to find posts with feedback I support and vote them up, I don’t really want to sift through all these irrelevant topics to do it.


… Pointing out the obvious.

Epic hasn’t paid any mind to any suggestion EVER.
Like literally in the history of epic going back to ALL the votes in the bug tracker that were wholly ignored. (to name just one, shadows in orthographic cameras)

Let’s just leave it at this.

the definition of insanity is trying the same thing over and over and expecting a different result

Prove me wrong.

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Hi Rawalanche,

Thank you for taking the time to provide your thoughts and feedback.

You can switch your view depending on what you are specifically looking for, including topics that have votes or topics you have voted on. This will include the main category of “Feedback for Unreal Engine team” as well as the two sub-categories; “Documentation Feedback” and “Unreal Online Learning Feedback”.

We are looking into adjusting this slightly so that topics with zero votes do not show up on the “Votes” selection.

I can appreciate the frustration in waiting for features. In the way of the forums, our priority at the moment is making sure that merging Answerhub with the forums not only goes smoothly but is beneficial to everyone in the community. Once this has been completed and functionality is as the community, and we would like it, we can look further into how we might add additional features and requests.


Yes, we do feel the forums could use some extra help! With that, we are currently expanding our moderation efforts, bringing on additional folks to help support the growing community—you’ll see them helping enforce our Code of Conduct, organizing topics, and more general moderation tasks. :slight_smile:

I second on the forum probably not being the best place to have votes for feature additions or enhancements. Maybe a new forum specifically for feature requests/enhancements that you can vote on. UserVoice has been a pretty good feedback system so take a look at that as an example and see what would work for Unreal

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