Vote for Unreal courses at Autodesk University

Hi there! The team from Epic is looking to bring the following Unreal sessions to Autodesk University.

Please help us with your vote if you have a free minute!

Click here and search for “Unreal" to vote for our courses:

“Improving Story Flow and Scene Management Using Unreal Engine’s Sequencer”
“5 crucial things to understand when lighting for real time engines”
“Thinking like a game developer: What I had to relearn and forget to use a game engine”
“Preparing 3d data for real time engines”
"Make things look amazing! PBR materials workflow for real time (game) engines

also for consideration:
From Revit to Unreal: an Introduction to VR Workflow

Voted! .

I have contact with Autodesk crew and I know they are seriously powering their suscription realtime engine Stingray. 3dsMax 2017 and 2018 has direct workflows with Stingray. I think they will not be quite interested on Epic courses…