Volunteer team

I could create a studio to make games but my funding capability might not support the worker so I would like to encourage a volunteer team to make the game for me. The game I would like to create is to compete with the no. 1 fps (first person shooter) game CS:GO. I have seen flaws in fps games like CS:GO, COD, Battlefield 4, Arma 3, etc., which makes the game a little less exciting which in turn makes me feel isolated in a dream world after hours of playing. I have checked youtube and no matter what fps game it is they all lack one thing. Fps game devs might have taken this thing for granted all of the time which like I said makes the game less exciting. What I’m talking about is the physics of firing guns. In firing a gun in real life there are 4 things that comes out of the muzzle. The first one of course is the bullet, the second are the fires from exploding gun powder, the third are the smokes after the fire blasts, and the fourth one I’m talking about that the devs over looked all the time are expanding gases from the muzzle. Yes, the expanding gases from the muzzle. The expanding gases from the gun’s muzzle should trail away smokes of dusts, grasses, and leaves near the gun when firing a gun during crouch position. Nevertheless, in large armaments like the tanks, this physics of expanding gases would be more beautiful and supposed to be very noticeable when a battle tank fires its main gun, but none of these advanced games of today I’ve searched in youtube have this expanding gases effect.
Now, anybody interested in employing my proposal here? If someone could employ this expanding gases effect in firing guns in a game will be the very first dev to do so in the history of gaming. Wouldn’t you be the one to do it? Don’t you like to be the one to do it? Nevertheless, the unreal engine will be the first one to do this expanding gases effect if we do it now. Thanks.
Also, anyone interested in employing this expanding gases effect in your game please let me know and give me credits with it because I too have my own needs. Thanks again.