[Volunteer/PAID] Urgently Need Artist, Rigger, and Voice For Serious Historic Interactive Experience

Hello Everyone,

I was hoping to create a historically based interactive experience in UE4, and I could really use some help.

Just over a century ago, the world was preparing for and beginning to fight in its first World War. By the end of this war (according to Wikipedia) almost 18.5 million people lost their lives (with at least 7 million being combat related). Chemical warfare and brutal artillery were used very heavily in WW1. World War One was a gruesome, bloody, and hideous war.

To create a little bit of balance to the almost glorified image of World War One presented by Battlefield 1 (also set in WWI), I am wanting to create a small and simple FPS-like interactive experience in UE4 to illustrate the true nature of war. I am planning to do all of the coding and in-engine work myself, but I won’t turn away a willing volunteer. However,I am looking for a 3D artist willing to spend a bit of time working on this project to generate the few static mesh assets that I will be unable to buy online, as well as a rigger to help me rig some humanoid (soldier) models for the project. Because of its relevance to the year 2016 (exactly one century ago, to the year, World War One was deeply underway), and the upcoming release Dice’s Upcoming Battlefield 1, I would like to finish the project by the end of 2016.

Additionally, I would like my short story-arc to follow an Irish Line Regiment fighting in France in 1916. I only need a few lines of voice work, but I’m trying to find 2 voice actors which either have, or can mimic well, an Irish accent. So if anyone is capable of this, or knows someone who can and would possibly be interested, please don’t hesitate to point them my way.

Given that I am just a young dude with an entry-level job on a very limited income, I cannot really afford to pay much, but I would be willing to pay a bit for specific pieces or sub-tasks for the right price in order to finish the project on time. Otherwise this is a volunteer project, and I will sincerely appreciate any help I can get to make this mini-dream a reality.

If you would be interested in learning more, and/or willing to work with me to make this a reality, please PM me.