Volunteer class to teach students in UK college

My name is David Matthewson. Quite recently I have been approached by a local college, who are interested in running an extra curricular class in game design, specifically regarding Unreal engine 4. I would like to know of any way of us attaining free accounts for the use of the students involved. It would be appreciated if you could please post any relevant information on getting these accounts or any other information that we need to know in regards to using the engine (licensing, copyright e.t.c.).
The class is entirely volunteer based, with no one paying for or being paid to be a part of it. We currently have an approximate interest of 55 pupils, who wish to learn a more specialised aspect to gaming development, that the college does not provide as of this time. We are hoping that this will gage further interest both with the pupils and also the college itself. In the past I recommended the use of Game maker to the college and to this day it has become an essential part of their curriculum.
Any information that you are willing to provide would be much appreciated.
Thank you,
David Matthewson

Hi David,

I’ve got great news for you. Unreal Engine 4 is available for FREE to schools and their students. Just jump over to Learn How to Use Unreal Engine - A Powerful Real-Time 3D Creation Platform - Unreal Engine and fill out the form on the right edge of the page. It’s just that easy.

Please let me know if I can be of further assistance.