Volumetric Lightmaps not working on mobile

tested in a clean project .
here is a proof that it worked before : https://www.reddit.com/r/unrealengine/comments/ef55h8/after_7_months_of_solo_development_this_is_my/
tried both new and legacy mode .

Did you find a workaround ?

You are misunderstanding how volumetric lightmaps are suppose to work. It doesn’t pick up the shadowed color, it picks up the diffuse color of the objects material. Check out the follow screenshot:

you can very clearly see in this screenshot that the indirect lighting from the blue and red objects in the scene is being reflected on the white cube so the volumetric lightmaps are definitely working on mobile.

If you walk up on the ramp you can see that the diffuse color is being picked up on the mannequin as well:

Volumetric lightmaps definitely work on mobile. The issue that you are facing is because static shadows such as the shadow cast from the wall in your screenshot does not shadow moveable objects. You can change this on mobile by making the wall moveable instead of static and then it will cast dynamic CSM shadows which will shadow moveable objects like the mannequin: