Volumetric custom shape's with a mesh volume

So, Recently I got interested in VFX while working on some project.
I came across the question as fluid volumetrics are now slowly being integrated into unreal engine and with niagara being pretty capable of rendering most of the particle effects as long as GPU allows it.
Is it possible to make a specific shape from the cloud material?
For example like the scene from Harry Potter Goblet Of Fire skull with snake coming out of its mouth?
If yes, what would be most efficient way to deal with this without overloading the GPU to the point of crashing.
Probably a camera facing 2d but still I would like to know the details or any reference if possible.
Thank you for the responses.

Hello Polzan!

There is a way to do a custom shape on a volumetric volume!
It requires a (free) Plugin found in the following link

This pluging is explained in detail in this video

You can also follow this video instructions in order to achieve a volumetric shape from a texture

Hope this helps!


Thank you very much for the references!