Volumetric Clouds by Mumu Momo

Volumetric Clouds is 3D clouds shader that can cover and obscure objects in the level such as mountain. This project consist of Day & Night cycle with flexible parameter including Cloud coverage( The percentage of cloud coverage in the sky), Cloud Density, etc. Easy to customizes.


**Feature: **

  • Simulate volumetric cloud transition.
  • Customize cloud coverage and cloud density, from clear sky to overcast.
  • Set a only time to control single time on day & night cycle.
  • Simulate real time day & night cycle.
  • Adjustable day length.
  • Realtime cloud lighting.
  • Adjustable cloud colors.
  • Customize cloud speed, cloud height.
  • 4K Landscape textures.

Video trailer:

How to set up:

If you have any technical problem or question, feel free to ask.


I’m optimizing the performance and making cloud shadow.

Here’s a video of that Static issue i was talking about:

And an image:

Thank you for your feedback. The Jitter variable must be set to 1.0. For non smooth effect like your image, are you adjust r.SeparateTranslucencyScreenPercentage? If this value is low, clouds will render like that picture. (try to use 100)

Yeah mate, its already at 100 with that, I just made sure. Its not r.SeparateTranslucencyScreenPercentage.

For artifact problem. you should decrease density variable. If you get high value of density, you should increase RaymarchStep. For my suggestion, you can use fog to make it better.

Hi there. I can’t get the day night cycle to function.

Could you give me some pics or video?

How can i scale the effect so it cover a larger area?!

You should adjust 4 parameters.

  1. Scale the cloud box up. My setting is 500,500,500 from 100,100,100.
  2. Increase divided amount of Camera Position in Mat_Cloud as this picture. If you scale from 100 to 500, you have to change 1e+06 to 5e+06.
  3. Adjust BaseNoiseScale in MI_Cloud as this picture. It will increase number of cloud.
  4. Adjust HeightOffset in BP_CloudSystem.

THanks! Really Good work !

how can you able to display the time node as text on a user widget main menu area

You mean Time of Day Right?