Volumetric cloud scale issue

hello, for some reasons my volumetric clouds looks wrong in scale
like instead of looking like they should seems like i see the individual sprites
should i set specific scale somewhere?

m_SimpleVolumetricCloud.uasset (120.4 KB)

there is the default material that is used just in case you accidentally edited yours and for the material instance, it looks like only the WeatherUVScale is changed

i tried but increasing/decreasing produce even a stranger result and i want to say, the result i get is out from the batch as soon as i add a volumetric cloud instance the clouds looks totally weird without me modifying anything.

This is the result putting the uv scale to 0.03 and by the way nothing shows in the material preview when i double click on it.

and looking for closely. seems like there is some weird green and purple color showing in the clouds.

That’s normal, you can’t preview volumetric materials.

well i have 1000 youtube videos that shows volumetric clouds, both in preview mode and when in game mode, how you interactively for example would paint volumetric cloud without seeing them?

this only one example, but epic have a lot of them showcasing exactly volumetric clouds in preview
not mentioning i see the exact type of strange clouds in every scene at any level, so something most be off in my setup perhaps.

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Link to a timestamp, I’m not watching a full youtube tutorial for this.

I’ve built maybe a hundred volumetric materials from scratch and they have never rendered in the material preview, ever.

so your saying that in your hundreds of volumetric work your clouds were looking like this

and not like this

That’s not what I said. I said volume materials do not show up in the material preview.

Any developer here or experience user can throw me a bone?
i have tried everything, but i can’t make it work properly

Well bug report apparently and with zero support, if anything like that happen to your scene, just switch the cloud material instance (default) to the actual volumetric cloud material and clouds will show properly.