Volumetric Audio in Unreal Engine


does anyone know if there’s a way in UE4 to do volumetric audio, means the sound doesn’t come from a single point but from a (for example) plain?
In Unity there is a plugin that does exactly that: Volumetric Audio | Audio | Unity Asset Store
I guess the best way to do that would be moving the sound-source depending on the character location in relation to the sound-plain.
Any ideas?

Not sure if this is what you’re looking for but i guess this is one of the most advanced sound systems in UE4 and generally on the market.
For up to 500 sounds it is even free to use for indies.

Thanks, but I’m already using fmod and I think both wwise and fmod don’t support something like that out of the box.
I found this though: Audiokinetic Blog

Unreal supports spheres, capsules, boxes and cones by default without any 3rd party tools.

Yes, you can use the min- and maxradius of the attenuation settings but it’s still kinda limiting, especially for more complex shapes.
Also, even then the sound source is still technically a point, which is an important factor for occlusion and other stuff.