Volume Slider Stopped Working

So, I had made a volume slider in umg awhile back & had it fully working.
I never changed my engine version or anything like that.

Now suddenly as I’m doing my last few rounds of changes to my game it won’t work at all.
The volume just stays on max.

I threw away my blueprints several times & rebuilt it using tutorials, no luck.

I tried changing volume directly though the sound class & sound mix settings in-editor & nothing changes.
I can still alter the volume in the sound cues but that’s it.

It also isn’t my slider, I’ve set up a print string to display all of my volume numbers as they get loaded,saved or changed in-game.
That all looks fine.

It gets weirder though.
If I open my pause-menu for some reason I loose all sound even though I couldn’t find any references to my audio in that bp aside from a few “play sound at location” nodes for when buttons get clicked.

At first I thought it was the pause function it’s self that stopped it but the loss of sound persists even between levels & menus.

Been on this for weeks & I’m completely stumped.
I can post screen shots of anything relevant & frankly I’m open to suggestion even if it means starting my sound work all over again.

Please & Thank you.

PS. If it affects the answer any, I’m pretty good with BPs but not great with sound terminology.