Volume in editor is MUCH lower than it's cue

I am having difficulty trouble shooting why the volume is SO much lower when playing a test level in the editor, version 4.19.2, than the cue itself. Please help!


I’m not exactly sure what might be influencing your volume levels. There are a lot of places to influence audio volume levels.

Common volume scalars are:

  • Config file Platform Headroom (in your platform Engine.ini file, a headroom scalar can be applied to account for different platforms having a different device output levels (some platforms being hotter than others)).
  • SoundWaves have a volume scalar in their properties
  • SoundCues have a volume scalar that defaults at (I think) 0.75, which is about -2.8dB or so.
  • SoundClass to which SoundCues belong also have a Volume scalar
  • SoundMixes can modify SoundClass volume scalars
  • SoundAttenuation has volume scalars that apply over distance
  • Mono to Stereo upmixing (I believe the traditional mono to stereo upmixing matrix is something like 0.707 for each channel, which is a straight -3dB cut)
  • Stereo phase crosstalk (if your sound source is a stereo file that doesn’t collapse to mono coherently and you’re spatializing it, then it’s possible you’re hearing crosstalk between the left and right channel causing some phase cancellation)

Have you made any recordings comparing the differences? If so, what are the measurements?

And finally and maybe most importantly, are you using the new Unreal Audio Engine (often referred to as the AudioMixer, early access not on by default) or the old Audio Engine?

If you’re not sure, you can type audiomixer in the output log search and if something shows up (usually when it loads up your audio device) it means the Audio Mixer module is loaded and you’re using the new Unreal Audio Engine.