Vole Complexity

Hi everyone,

after a little bit of more than two years working almost all on my own on this project, i’m happy to announce that VOLE COMPLEXITY will be releasead on Steam in Early Access October 1. 2019 around 7pm PST.

About the game:

VOLE COMPLEXITY is a top-down puzzle-game, based on/inspired by the old videogame “Kwirk” aka “Amazing Tater” / “Puzzle Boy” by Atlus / Acclaim Entertainment in 1989 and will boil your brain. Guide Charlie the vole through a lot of different mazes which are getting more and more complex. Move bunches of blockers, outwit plenty of pits and bring Charlie back home savley.

During the Early-Access Phase, your are being able to already play the whole first game mode “Going Up?”.
Find the way out and bring Charlie back home.
Three different skill levels with 10 Floors for each (30 in total) will demand everything from you!

I hope you all will like it, thanks a lot for your support!

Twitter: https://twitter.com/MakingArtsEntmt
Facebook: MakingArts Entertainment