VOIP Support


Are there any VOIP options built in and if so, do they support 3d positional audio?

Given SteamWorks support, I’m assuming Steam VOIP, but I’m not sure if that handles the 3d position of the speaker.



We have support for VOIP in Steam only at present, with the intention of coming up with a more cross platform implementation in the near future, possibly using the Opus codec.

Steam does not support “positional” voice audio per se, it just polls the microphone and compresses the data. We transport that data over the wire, uncompress it and play it back with an audio component.

At present that audio component is just marked as UI sound and doesn’t really have anything positional about it. It might be possible to extend that in the future to attach the audio component to a pawn/object in the world such that it would have 3d characteristics. I’d have to investigate that further and its not currently on my roadmap.

Hi Christopher,

I am sure that we can work out something, but I am unsure exactly what you are trying to accomplish. What kind of hardware/microphone setup are you intending to use? What do you expect to happen on each end? Do you have a microphone array on each end and wishes to record, process, and send to the other end? Any additional information would help me find the best solution for what you are doing.

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We want to let players talk to each other in local game space as well as server-wide channels. This would allow small groups to communicate more effectively, as they would be able to quickly identifiy who was speaking and in what context.

With positional audio, we could extend this to add the ability to hear anyone, team mate or otherwise. This would make it easy to shout out warnings to friendlys, taunts to enemies etc.

Some kind of support for mumble would do, but I would much rather use a built-in system so as not to force people to download and use an additional program. A built-in system would hopefully allow us to adjust for occlusion, enviromental effect etc as well.

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