VOIDRUNNER is now on Kickstarter with reuniting original Unreal Composers!

Hello Everyone!

We are finally on Kickstarter! We have big and exciting news. First of all we have a new Cinematic trailer and latest gameplay trailer. We are offering Flight MOBA and Open World enhancements as our stretch goals with a storyline soundtrack by Siddhartha Barnhoon with Multiplayer Soundtrack by Alexander Brandon & Michiel Van Den Bos, the original composers of Unreal Tournament & Deus Ex.

Here’s our Kickstarter Campaign:

Looks great (I do love flight games). Is the game using Newtonian flight physics at all? Looks like it isnt set in space so I’d assume not. Does it handle more like a prop plane or a jet or a spaceship basically :slight_smile:

Well it’s more of an arcade game than simulation so no Newtonian physics :slight_smile: I don’t know how to say this but it handles more like a space ship :smiley: a very fast space ship :slight_smile:

looks great, really nice work.

I gotta say this looks pretty cool. I like the fast pace.

This looks superb! Good luck with the kickstarter. =)

Wow. You should have no problem with Kickstarter funding.

And you were featured on Steam, right?

Yes we were featured on Steam too and it won the Greenlight on January :slight_smile:

Looks amazing woot woot!