VOIDRUNNER, a speed & reflex flight game (now on Steam Greenlight!)

Hello! I submitted my game project on Steam Greenlight as of this moment:) It’s called Voidrunner. It’s about rushing through the exit portal before time runs out. Typically, a time attack game with added excitement from turrets and obstacles etc. In future, I’ll add flying AI with deathmatch support, exp system etc. but for now, here we go! For about 1.5 months, I think it’s a great learning curve thanks to the excellent usability of Unreal Engine and also help from dozens of users here. I think that’s the real power of Unreal Engine. Without this forum and answerhub, I wouldn’t have done anything for this game. Lots of people helped me, I’m also helping others. This what makes this community the real deal I think. So, thanks everyone and please vote for it on Steam, subscribe on Facebook. Thanks!

Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=374541895

Looks fun! Voted up! :smiley: Good luck! :slight_smile:

hey thanks!

Looks very cool man! I would suggest to reduce the lens flare however^^ They are very distracting :wink:


looks great

Thanks :slight_smile: yeap, Lens Flare sometimes gets too distracting. I think I have to play with threshold values a bit more in Post Process. Thank you:)

Aaand it has been greenlit!

awesome work dude, did you do this in blueprints or c++?

Congratulations! :slight_smile:


by the way yes it’s all blueprint.

Looks nice, gz!:slight_smile:

Great job! Congrats!

Congrats on the greenlight!

It certainly looks like something I’d get on steam :slight_smile:

hey thanks!

Holy moly that greenlit fast! Well done!