Voidrunner 360° Experience with GearVR support

Hello all! We released a 360° video experiment based on our upcoming multiplayer flight shooter game, Voidrunner. We used Pano Cam from Andrew Weidenhammer ( for the 360 export. It was hell of a tough job even for a good system. MSI Turkey sent us one of their workstations to render this piece. And we got clean matinee render from an Intel Xeon & Nvidia Quadro system in about 2.5 hours for a 1 min clip. My own I7, GTX Titan Black couldn’t get it done. It would be really, REALLY awesome if we have some solid & official support for 360 exports or GearVR & Cardboard exports etc. :slight_smile:

As you can see, there are some sharp edges sometimes. This is because of the VR cameras. Currently exponential height fog is causing these and I have no idea how to eliminate. Also, I Facebook really kills the whole experience by reducing it’s quality. Youtube is slightly better. But overall, we have too much to learn to achieve a better quality. We’ll look into that:) Anyway, here it is!




Looks cool man!

Hey thanks KorkuVeren!!

Wow! So cool! Looks like you’ve been busy on Voidrunner. I just got a GearVR, so I’m hyped to try it out :smiley:

Looks great !
Also lighting looks like awesome

btw in Turkish :
C ok hos olmus gercekten oyunda oldukca tatli duruyor tebrikler tekrar (c den sonra kasitli bosluk biraktim *** yazinca kufur gibi algiliyor badword sistemi sanirim)

That looks awesome! :smiley:

How did you get all that lighting in Gear VR? I look up to you.

Hey thanks Alexander! Yeap we have been extremely busy and will be more in the coming months haha but as the game starts to shape, there’s no better happiness in the world as of now for me (no I’m not a father yet:P)

Thanks Korcan!

Well basically it’s the same lighting setup as it is on the original map. But for the GearVR, the light values are a bit higher that’s all.

Thanks everyone!

I mean, it seems that you have been using a lot of Post processing effects, and glow, etc. I thought that could not work on GearVR! :open_mouth:

Ah yes they’re working! And they are working perfectly. I just shut off Bloom in the Directional Light (that I use as a Sun Light) because it was working very odd in the 360 export. But the Post Process Bloom was still on.

Thank you! I’ll give it a try then.

Hi! I also interested in 360 video export…but i can´t find any ready setup plugin to do the job done. In Unity we can find severals plugins… But why is difficult to achive it on UE4? On Marketplace will be a very good place to make it popular.