**Demo Available Here: https://voidinteractive.itch.io/void-vr-demo-edition **

Updates Down Below

Void-VR is a small Single/Multiplayer Game where you can play against / with friends in mini-games. And when you are done
you can hang-out with your friends in a Villa/Lobby

The Mini-Games
We will have 3 mini-games at launch and more will come in updates
The Launch Mini-Games are

  • 1 Minute BBQ
  • Shooting Range
  • Space Fighter Battle

We are hoping to release this game for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.
We want to release the game in 3 weeks for Oculus Rift.
And we want to release it on Steam for HTC Vive when we can get one.

We will Frequently post updates, pictures, video’s :cool:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/VoidInteractive
Youtube: LiteScreen Studios - YouTube (Vids Coming Soon!!)
Website: http://voidinteractive.tk/

New Update

New Update
Here are some pictures of the lobby!!!

New Update

The shooting mini-game is nearly done.
There are still some bugs to fix and some maps to be made but the base is pretty much done.
Here are some pictures:cool:

The Demo has been Released
You can Download the demo here: https://voidinteractive.itch.io/void-vr-demo-edition