Voices (VAs)

Hey guys. First of all, I am not entirely sure this goes here, but I couldn’t think of anywhere else lol. I’m not a great with making materials, but I just want to provide you guys with some stuff for your UE4 needs that are more in my area. (custom sounds/music/voices)

Okay first of all, the game I am developing will be fully voiced. I myself used to be a voice actor, and I still know some extremely talented people.
I was playing around with the Matinee demo and I’ve gone in and replaced all the voices and music with my own custom music and actors.
My past experience with making videos for dubs and stuff made using matinee so much easier.

Anyway, I plan on doing a tutorial on how to import, and arrange the custom sounds, if anyone wants to a tutorial on this small subject.

And if you guys need music for your games, I can hook you up with Dark Breed (the people that make mine). Or if it’s actors for your own games. I could also provide a list at the end of the tut if I make one.
Or if you need one sooner or whatever check out my good buddy Dan Gavster, he’s awesome.

Just let me know if I should make the tutorial! -#Just trying to do my part :slight_smile:

I don’t think there is enough sound tutorials out there. I think it would be a good idea. :wink:

I would be very interested in any and all sound related tutorials

Love this!