VoiceChat not working after use ServerTravel

I use voice chat in the project, after creating a session and connecting players to it, everything works. They can communicate. Next, I launch the game map using “ExecuteConsoleCommand” and the command “servertravel /Game/Maps/Name map”. After that, the voice chat stops working. What could be the problem?

Not sure what platform you’re on but I fixed this on Oculus by recreating the AudioComponent for the remote talkers on PostLoadMap. Doing something similar may solve on your platform as my problem seemed to have to do with the SoundWaveProcedural, which was throwing warnings after the server travel.

LogAudio: Warning: Replaying a procedural sound 'SoundWaveProcedural_2147480291' without stopping the previous instance. Only one sound instance per procedural sound wave is supported.

Same problem… Did you solve it?