Voice Module: will be implemented on mac?

Hello guys,
i’m working on a project that uses voice recognition.
On windows i was able to enable and access the microphone without huge problems, but on osx, even if the module was present and the voice enabled, it didn’t work.
Looking a bit around, i saw that the implementation of VoiceModule (VoiceModuleMac.cpp) just returns NULL.

Will it be implemented in future, or it’s a feature that will be missing?
And if so, what’s the timeline about it?


That one appears to have slipped by, it will be implemented but it isn’t on the schedule yet so I don’t know when.

Hi, marksatt-pitbull’s recently added OS X voice support with commit #c8d4759, and I opened a pull request to fix some issues I was experimenting with it. There are still some quality related issues pending, but hopefully support for OS X should be available in one of the next releases.