Voice intercom for multi user editing?

It would be really nice if the multi user editing/collaboration setup had a voice intercom/conference/talkback feature. When the people on the editing session aren’t close to each other it would be very handy to be able to talk through the VR headset if you’re editing in VR or put on headphones/mic.

Not sure if multi-user editing works over the internet or only on LANs, but either way a voice chat system in the editor would be handy.

You don’t necessarily need that in UE4, any voice chat program (like Discord/Skype/etc) can use the mic and headphones of a VR headset

Sure, you could also use a speakerphone…having it integrated would be nice because it would have access to the list of people in the edit session so people could be joined to the chat automatically as they enter and leave.

I don’t really see the point, it doesn’t take any effort for other editors to make sure they join you in a call in any other application.

I guess the point is in a multi-user edit session people can enter-leave at any time. So if someone arrives in the middle, nobody has to interrupt their session to add them. This could be particularly hard if everyone is in VR headset mode and can’t easily interact with an external program like skype… Also tieing it into unreal’s audio system would be cool if the audio was spatialized so you could hear where people’s voices were coming from.

+1 Yes would be great to have voice chat in multiuser editing mode out of the box - everyone here is asking for it… they don’t like the idea of managing external group intercom while wearing vr glasses…