Voice input ?

Is it possible to utilize (I don’t even know if Android provides such functionality) to utilize voice input for games/apps? Something like what you see with Cortana on Android or Siri on iPhone (interacting with the game using voice; the output could be done as voice and/or as text).

Any resources to look into on the subject using UE4 ?

Basically the idea is to utilize Android’s native speech recognition functionality:

Player would say something into the mic, and based on presence/absence of keywords in player’s speech, game would return certain text string or play certain sound. In some cases do text to speech thingie.

Hi motorsep,

Yes, you could create an Android plugin to use this service. You’d need to add the RECORD_AUDIO permission to the AndroidManifest and add code in Java to register and receive the results to send to the native C++ side. Take a look at the GearVR plugin for an example using the Android Plugin Language XML system for modifying the manifest and adding code to from a plugin.