Voice Chat

Hey guys,

So I’ve seen the term ‘voice’ and ‘bPressToTalk’ etc come along and there in the code. And I vaguely remember UE3 having voice chat capabilities. Now my question is simple:

Is there voice-chat built-in in UE4 and if so, how can I start using it? :slight_smile:

Thanks and kind regards,

Okay, so are some functions that could help.
Start_talking(), stop_talking(), and muteremoteclient().
I haven’t tried this but my guess is, onkeypress for your push to talk key, call start_talking(), and on key release, stop_talking(). Then, in some point where you see a list of players, such as a lobby, there could be a button next to each client and if the button is pressed, muteremoteclient with the input of that player. I hope I helped!