Voice Chat/VOIP (Without C++ / in Blueprint?)

*I have searched around for voice communication within UE4, and there are many posts discussing it and it seems like people have it working, however i cannot quite figure out how to set it up.
From what i understand (i may be wrong), you have to change some settings within the defaultengine.ini and defaultgame.ini, to do with the ‘onlinesubsystem’ and ‘pushtotalkrequired’, however i have tried making the changes, but i am still unsure about what to do from here. *

Would anybody know if voice communication within UE4 is possible without writing your own C++ to make it work? And if so, could you possible explain what i would need to do to get it working? I would be very grateful, Thank you.
(I am on windows)

Have u found something?

I’ really like to now a definitive answer to this as well, I’ve done lots of research, and have come up with nothing.

I’ve just come up short, myself. Been looking and looking, and either there is no interest, or it is not possible. This is quite annoying.

**Unfortunately no. I agree with others here, info on Voice/Voip is hard to find for UE4.

Hopefully we might get a response soon? :

i saw some games made Voip since 4.8 but i can’t find any information for that .

Theres a blueprint plugin that exstends the multiplayer nodes i think it has voice chat

If you.look under the nodes list there is one that says start network voice so maybe it will work

Yeah it has an entire feature set exposing the voice chat system to blueprints.

You can make voice chat with on key press of your voice chat input call function start_talking(), and on released key, call function stop_talking().

By the way these functions work in c++ and blueprints

okay so you can create push to talk with an input, but how do you localize it to a sphere, something like radius damage falloff? I want to setup voice chat where people can only hear about 50’ from each other.

I feel like I might be beating a dead horse, but anyone found any information on this?

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You can use this plugin for voice chat, it works on Windows, Android, iOS.…voice-chat-pro

You can do global, team and proximity voice chat. It is optimized with the usage of opus codec, and you can choose microphone sampling rate and number of channels, you can also get the raw Pcm data of microphone input.