Voice chat via Blueprints?

Hello everyone, I have done lots of research about implementing voice chat using blueprints, and I haven’t found any answers that help me. Is there any way to do this just using blueprints?

I’ve also looks at the Steam integration for voice, but does all of that use C++? Do I even need a game to be pending approval on Steam to use it’s integration?

Voice chat at all in ue4 would be nice. Does anyone know the answer?

Unreal Engine currently supports networked voice.
Using blueprints alone, voice chat is not accessible.
You can however make a custom player controller that accesses the StartTalking() and StopTalking() functions in a few blueprint callable UFUNCTIONS.

There is an answerhubpost that helps outline getting this setup so that your custom player controller will actually be able to send voice data over the network.

Eww… C++ in UE4… Lol just kidding, but I need to do some serious learning before I dive into that :\

ARK has voice integrated, though not sure how they did it.