Voice Chat Module Cooperation Request

Hello Epic,

Currently I am trying to implement voice chat module into my project. And as far as I see there is nearly no documentation about that apart from some forum topics. I would like to request support from Epic development team to create a voice chat documentation and example project (with onlineSubsystemNull). If you guys could help me I would like to create an example project as well as documentation about that.

Here my questions:

Looking forward for it,

Bumping post.

Hi Lacridot,

I have entered the following request for documentation on how to implement Voice Chat Modules into your project: [UEDOC-2178]. Due to the Doc Team’s current workload, I cannot promise this task will be taken on in the immediate future. However, it will get looked at and, if completed, an update will be added to this post.

Thanks for the feedback.

Hi ,

Thanks for your amazing support. If creation of documentation is taking more time than building actual information; I would like to create documentation itself with examples if I can get actual (unformatted) information. I am using UDK since 2009 and UE 4 since March and I am looking forward to contribute if I can.