Voice Actor - British Male


I’m a professional voice over. I became a voice over for my love of gaming. I have been professionally trained and performed a few commercial and narrations jobs, but I’d really love to get into gaming work.

Getting paid is not my primary interest right now - I’m looking to get some credits and work my way up to big game devs, as well as get experience and have fun doing it. Though, that said, this is my full time job so if I don’t earn money, I don’t eat. :smiley:

Visit my website to hear what I can do. My website also has info on my equipment if you’re interested.

Just updating to say I’ve now finished my Animation Reel!

That, along with my gaming and dramatic reels will give you a good idea of my range and ability for characters. You can listen to them all via the link in the OP. :slight_smile: