Vocal A.I. in UE4

Hi,I know that in the EU4 we can make a chatbot that answers us but I would like to know if it is possible to make an artificial intelligence of the chatbot type but in voice, that answers us a little like a human and with who we can talk about everything.Is that possible. If so, how?

There’s nothing like that now, anywhere, it is something that will take a lot of development in AI and machine learning to achieve

Nah… Just need a plugin connected to Alexa lol

What do you mean?

There seems to be open source assistants like Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri. Google results immediately pulled up

Hooking up UE4 with an assistant like that, and adding in custom commands doesn’t seem like a lot of development time. Adding that functionality plus a chat bot, and making those parts play nice would be a lot more work.

So it’s possible and how to do it. . . would there be a tutorial or more detailed explanations?

It’s not difficult to pre-program a bunch of responses, but having a natural conversation is not something that’s currently possible

My bank has a bot that is pretty close.

So how could I make my project come true?

Start by completely ignoring Unreal Engine 4, it’s a visual front end and completely unrelated to the real challenge.

AI like this is a pretty hefty endeavour; I’m pretty sure the companies that have invested in developing it thus far have spent tens of millions to reach where they are. I would expect nobody in here to have the prerequisite knowledge.


Apart from the likes of Snips, most Voice-Recognition has to leverage the Cloud.
So that’s the first real challenge… Then there’s the AI on top of Voice-Recognition.
AI is so Hyped too! We don’t live in an ‘Open The Pod Bay Doors HAL’ world yet… :stuck_out_tongue:
The MSM was pushing chatbots a year ago but many started imploding and now?

I built on Unity a chat-bot back in 2013.
Just to import phrase fragments database as an asset into the Unity project would take over 5 hours. Packaging would often crash…

And there was no AI, only simple text-based chat-bot.
You’d type a question it would respond accordingly.

Nowadays all this stuff is cloud based.
Amazon has an API and it is built-in ready to use on Amazon Lumberyard game engine**

** they charge you money every time you connect to the API tho.

My idea of the game was a fantasy rpg in which you could interact with your entourage, like for example people with whom you could talk like human beings, who answer you or react to your words.Is there any other way to achieve this?

It’s perfectly achievable if you have a few hundred million dollars to invest, and don’t mind how long it’s going to take.

I’m not sure you understand exactly how many different, fairly advanced technological solutions you’re going to need to build, and worse, they need to be both highly specialised towards your content, but also broad enough to deal with the complexity of that environment.

My bank’s bot only works as well as it does because it handles a very limited subset of conversation functionality. The moment it decides you need something complicated, it passes you on to a human.

Good for you I guess…
This is my bank’s bot"