VNPT - Architectural Visualisation

Inspired by Koola’s results I’ve been having a go with the ArchViz style of renderings.

Link** DOWNLOAD**: 6 Rooms


Wonderful job! I’m so happy to see how many people get inspired by Koola.

I’ve eager to find out if you’ll play with the warm lightning and the cold reflection of the blue wall.

Amazing, man! How did you do the glasses? They are almost perfect, despite some strange artifacts while moving…

sarfios, rabellogp: thank you ^^
I used blue wall and glass materials created by Koola.

Link DOWNLOAD:!hhQziLwK!bgJN0qXBf2OtdR89BjBjj8IvVNiMQ5S-_4ehdwfpbjU

Awesome work HAI! I am really loving all of the videos that you have linked to this post. Keep up the great work and have a wonderful day!

The link is SetupVNPT.exe o_0 whats that? thx for sharing btw

A big thank you to all of you guys!

This is Link DOWNLOAD:

  1. MEGA
    Song Han
  2. MEGA

strange refraction issues with the glass - is that a limitation of UE4engine, or user error?

Refraction issues with the glass is that a limitation of UE4engine, I don’t get correct refraction.

Koola… happy new years 2015!

Ive noticed you stopped posting after page 3 or 4… I hope you are ok! It must be overwhelming all this attention… just wanted to say THANKS! you have inspired many of us! we all want to know how you did it in fine detail. Especially those of us starting with UE4. I would be happy to sponsor you with 1K euros and/or open a crowdfunding project as to get this knowledge out to the world properly, with you remunerated for your talent. We can help you with it @ But it would have to be done before the end of Jan? Let me know what you think…