Vivox and the virtual world

So i was trying to get Vivox working, and came to the realization that there is no proper documentation, examples, blueprint nodes for it. The example is from the shooter template that’s completely in C++ (which gets confusing).

Anyone who has implemented it already? Is it a massive task?

I had it added to our main project where it would compile, but the code crashed both the dedicated server and client on launch. I’ve since removed it and started adding it to a separate project, but have not worked on it to any great extent.

As you said, the documentation is practically non-existent. Until someone puts out a step by step tutorial, I may not devote much time to it.

I’m working on that implementation and to prevent the crash at start from happening just delay any vivox initialization, almost everything is on VivoxGameInstance, I sure wish for that step by step tutorial too…

Just made it work, it takes some time to clean the VivoxGameInstance from shooter game specific stuff, if anyone from Vivox reads this, please guys, it’s a disservice to Unreal users not to have a proper C++ implementation tutorial, even more, blueprints would be nice to have.