Vive / VR - La Peri - Feedbacks needed

Hi folk,

we’ve made our first UE4 experience accessible on Steam a few weeks back for Vive’s release (it’s Vive only). As it’s currently early access and we’re still working on it, we’d like to know if you guys tried it, and if yes what did you think of it, what could be improved, etc… For those who have no idea what it consists in and would like to see what you can do with UE in VR, below is an explanatory video and a few screenshots. If you have a Vive and want to try it, here is the link on Steam.


Just to let you know : La Peri is a ballet in VR, so please do not expect any gameplay-intensive or highly-skilled game but a rather unique and fantasy experience, on classical background. We are currently adding minor interactions to make you more busy and we are updating to 4.11 (especially for sound). We are aware that it’s pretty short, and even if the final version is gonna get a bit extended, playtime will remain between 12 and 15 mins.

We will work on it till end of May, so please let us know what else we should focus on.

Thanks, we’re looking forward to hearing your comments.

Innerspace Team.

Tried it, Loved it.

Please do more. I have had the vive for a couple of weeks now and have tried all of the available titles. Although I am a gamer this is the experience that really blew me away. If this is what VR is for, I want in. Congratulations on some wonderful work.