Vive tracker camera - help


I followed this tutorial to get the vive tracker to control the camera but there is no movement at all. Is there some setup before this too, to establish a connection between Vive and UE4?

I’m starting to wonder if my vive hardware even work at all. They show up and connect OK in the steam VR app.

Thank you

Then there is this. So is there a prep before you can use vive tracker in UE4? Still no dice BTW.

It’s super easy. Just follow this video: Livelink XR Plugin in Unreal (Tutorial) - YouTube

Also look at my comment below on the video if you want to use it in Editor.

thanks for sharing, this is going to be very handy

Thanks, but at 3:31 he adds the tracker and voila he has it green lit and all. I get nothing, there is nothing in the “subject name” “role” section. (BTW, I have the tracker on and showing in the steam vr.)

Can someone help please. Really struggling.

Basically I think there is something wrong with the connection between steamvr-trackers and UE4.

Because I’m also trying to use vivemocapkit and even there after following the tutorial by the Dev. The trackers don’t seem to move anything.

Days of just pure headache. Man, i want to get to the creative part, this is just pure horror.

Make sure your Livelink XR plugin is checked. Try reinstalling your viveport. It should work like how he showed. It did for me. So I don’t think there is a communication issue between the two softwares.

Make sure to enable LiveLink and liveLinkXR plugins. Do you see the controller or tracker in the LiveLink window when you click source button in LiveLink window? Select tracker or controller.
Then go into Take Recorder, click Source -> From LiveLink and select a controller or tracker.
If that all works go to your code. Do you have his project? It’s on his patreon site and likely in the youtube video link.

Bring up his DroneCamera (or your blueprint) and Go to Windows -> Debug Blueprints. Press play and check that you’re getting a flow through the stages of the blue print.
If it’s flowing go to the Transform rotation pin and park your mouse over it. Move your controller/tracker. The numbers should update.

Put player into Simulate mode and select select DroneCamera in world outline so you see the preview. You should see the preview changing.
You can also choose another view but make sure to turn the DroneCamera to not hide during game. That way you can see the camera moving.

Thank you guys! The Vive trackers are now showing up just like in the video using LiveLink XR. So I now know trackers and UE4 are talking. I disabled and re-enabled the plugins and restarted and now it shows up! One victory! :slight_smile:

However, the way showed in the video below, (Using Steam VR) is still a no go.

The posted video shows how to setup without a HMD and how to use the old method. If you don’t have an HMD follow the first section of video.
To hook up camera go back to the LinkXR video and check out his project or series of videos. Whatever example you have to use just replace getmotioncontroller with the livelink and use the location and rotation of that.

Thanks, for now camera is on back burner, I’ll probably get iphone to help.