Vive teleportation issue

Hey, guys,

I am pretty new in blueprints so hoping for help. Made more or less simple blueprint (pawn) to use with HTC Vive controllers for teleportation. But there is a little problem I can not solve myself.

Blueprint works perfectly only if I am standing in the center of my HTC VIVE ROOM setup. But let’s say I move 2 meters to the right from real ROOM CENTER. After that my teleport location in UE4 will also have 2 meters offset from the target.

Anyone knows how to implement" always auto-centering"? I am adding here few printscreens if that explains my problem :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!

All right. Problem solved.

If anyone is interested, that is just a setting under details of created pawn. Actor>Spawn Collision Handling Method>Always Spawn, Ignore Collisions :slight_smile: