Vive SteamVR HMD and MotionController components not rotating together

I’ve been working on a building a vehicle for a VR project and have hit a stumbling block whenever the player actually steers left or right. As soon as the pawn does rotate, the MotionControllers rotate with it while the camera/HMD stays put. This happens regardless of how the “Lock to HMD” setting on the Camera is configured. Ideally, I’d expect the camera to rotate with the pawn and MotionControllers as this would correctly simulate steering the vehicle.

In my setup, the Camera and MotionController components are both parented to the pawn via a single scene component and everything tracks great as long as the pawn has no rotation.

Is there a know workaround for this bug?

After trying everything over several days, I finally found a fix for this issue. In the player camera, turn off the “Use Pawn Control Rotation” flag. With this change, the player camera respects the orientation of the HMD and thus matches the orientation & placement of the MotionControllers. This flag is defaulted on but really should be defaulted to off for VR applications – or whenever “Lock to Hmd” is set.