[VIVE] Star Defense!

Howdy! I left my cushy job at a AAA studio to chase the dream! I have been working on a little prototype for a few days now and want to show it to the world…here is Star Defense. :slight_smile: let me know what you think! dev log 1: Star Defense Early Prototype DEV Log 2017 03 12 21 16 05 - YouTube

Howdy! here is my progress this week!

Plans for this week are:

-Friendly NPC’s
-More “cinematic” moments (more action)
-defend the moon base for 3-5 min while bugs storm in.
-all around polishing
-probably a million other things…

Looking really awesome mate! Nice sounds as well.

A week more of progress!

DevLog with commentary Week 3: Star Troop Defense DevLog 3 - YouTube
Week 3 play thru: DevLog 3 No VO - YouTube

let me know what you think!

Dev log 4 up !Star-Troop Defense Dev Log 4 - YouTube
let me know what you think!