Vive Motion Controller Multiplayer 4.13

Hi, could I ask those of you who are using this method what results you are getting once the network lag is higher?
Maybe around 30ms one way, 60ms round trip?

I am currently using something close to thismethod but as soon as I start introducing packet lag my Client owned character starts to shake/jitter wildly.
Currently investigating and testing so not sure exactly why yet.

Does the above (c++) method from this thread work well with networking lag?

Cheers, Fred

EDIT: I have a pretty decent working version now based around the Blueprints from the link in this email.
To remove the stutter I tried to add the COND_SkipOwner to my replicating tracking variables but for some reason this did not make any difference. So instead I tried to copy the locally controlled tracking variables into separate non-replicating variables and used them locally. This got rid of my strong shakes/judder and also I intend to use the new vars for lag compensation.

hello schweinerüssel, have you managed to make it work? I have currently the same problem and cant get it to work. Would be really nice if you could help me out :slight_smile:

Just to reply to thank both @ddbrown30 and @mordentral and who ever contributed to the engine change that allows ddbrown30’s post doable in Blueprint.
Here is the critical part of the setup which is the ROLE check to make sure only locally controlled pawn is firing client to server RPC.
I hope this image help others to save some development time in the future.


Epic fixed it pretty quickly when people reported the authority bug, its still not very efficient to handle in blueprints but at least it is possible now.

I still cannot get multiplayer working with the motion controllers. I’ve tried to follow the various instructions but I just don’t know enough unreal to make the connections.

Proteus has an all blueprint multiplayer template up in here, I haven’t tried it so I don’t know how efficient it is or if it handles compression or smoothing, but you should be able to use it as a reference.

I tried it, but it doesn’t work either. It SOMETIMES works. The client will randomly start/stop being able to grip and teleport. It is also VERY laggy. It also isn’t using the default motion controller pawn and (i think) he has rebuilt all the functionality of the motion controllers. (its way beyond me)

Version 2.2 seems to work perfectly. Proteus has updated a bunch of stuff and it works great now and looks a lot more optimized and manageable for noobs