Vive Camera Tracker with Sequencer

Hey everyone, I recently purchased some HTC Vive Base Stations and a Vive Tracker, I’ve managed to setup the tracker to control the camera inside Unreal and it works great, but that’s just step one for me, and I have a couple of questions:) For context, I plan on using the setup for cinematic purposes, i.e. using the virtual camera to record the 3d character animations and performances within unreal. So, my questions are:

  1. How would you setup the tracked camera to work with the sequencer, so I can record the character animation as it’s playing? I’ve seen some very limited information about using a Take Recorder but nothing too in depth that explains the workflow for this specific purpose.

  2. Since I’m only using a Vive Tracker, not a controller, I can’t control the camera’s focus while recording. Is it possible to change the focus after the recording is done by hand animating the focus distance in the sequencer? I’ve tried that once but was met with a “Take is read only” message.

Any help or links to some information would be much appreciated, thanks!

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