VisualStudio very very slow. Trouble in parameter ?


I have a really good and fast PC, but when I use VisualStudio, it is very slow for simple action, like “Search implémentation” with F12 key. even in a new unreal project with 1 class in it.
Intellisens take a very long time, sometime more then 20 or 30 seconde just for find MyFunction from the Cpp to the H file.

When I make a new c++ project but not unreal project, it is running at a normal speed. It’s only with uneal Project.

Config : Asus rog, proc I7 / 16giga memory and a ssd.

All softs I use on this machine is fast. Except VisualSutido on a Unreal engine project.

Please, did I miss some pameters ?

Searchin for similar trouble on this forum and found a lot of things, so this post can be closed.