Visualstudio 2019 - Any benifits compared to 2017 ?


I was wondering if Visualstudio 2019 has any benefits, regarding Working with Unreal Engine, compared to VS 2017 ?

Thanks !

Perhaps a better Intellisense system, but I am still waiting for it to mature.

i don’t know about directly with Unreal, but VS LiveShare is amazing. not sure if it’s available for 2017 or not.

i had a really interesting liveshare session a while back where i had three editors open into a single liveshare, debugging a problem on an unreal instance running 2000 miles away.

Frequent complete engine recompiles when changing a game-only header =/.

@muchcharies you mean 2019 is worse than 2017 in that matter ?

Compilations are faster in my experience, and I would not recommend using the default intellisense (pickup VisualAssistX or Resharper Ultimate instead), the editor being recompiled sometimes is a UE4 issue rather than VS2019 and only seems to happen if you have a customized Editor module that you target.