Visually printing numbers inside blueprint

I wish I could place a node in blueprint that would update and show the number being fed into it IN BLUEPRINT.

So, you have a giant train of math nodes, you could insert this node, compile, and have it show you what number is hitting at that particular node.

Essentially, this would be print string, but it visually prints it in blueprint inside the print node for easy reference.

You can watch the value of anything in the editor when debugging a Blueprint. Does this give you the functionality you are asking about here?

I don’t have much knowledge about how the debugger works. I set a watch at a point but am not sure where to view the info. I will have to do some research on how that all works.

Generally though, I could print a string there and find out what it is generating every time I compile.

What I am talking about is have an updated value literally sitting in the middle of all my math nodes so I don’t have to look back and forth. Unless the debugger actually does this, it is more of a convenience issue. :slight_smile:

The problem with generating it when you compile is that there are no values at that time. The values come in when you run the game and have instances of the Blueprint in the world, and the values could be different for each instance.

Watching the value should display it right above the node during play as long as you are debugging an instance of that Blueprint (selected in the drop down in the Blueprint Editor Toolbar) at the time.

That is good to know, thanks!

What about a debugging mode just for math? It would take int/float variables, math nodes, and random number generators. You put your nodes in the math graph, and you can click run to generate the values, regenerate randoms, etc.