Visualizing Cyber Space - virtual field of information in Unreal Engine. G

Greetings, PSI ARC, past 2 years learned Unreal Engine from available resources. Learned WIX website platform to collect ideas, notes, drawings all related to Cyber Ops and use pages to aid data presentations from Unreal Engine.

Until now, long depleted resources restricts progress as well as burned tech. All PCs, laptops, cars and mobile devices malfunctionned. Only Yoga book 1 and my flesh still stands.

i will be linking various posts as i reassemble the guide to generating Cyber Space. Posts from my blog, mostly contain handwritten notes.

As soon as all notes and memories passed on, depending on your reaction, will explain as clear as i can, use video materials accumulated and text to describe as accurate as i can the vision in my mind.

I can recreate many aspects but professional assistance, feedback and ideas of community must enhance and contribute - my core goal.

Only Portal division and community can visualize the void and harness its potential.

Web site is to assist data collection but cannot access it from any of the unreal engine browsers. Purposes are to collect professionals from most masteries and extract their feedback, critique and ideas as well as provide space for community to share visual updates.

Please accept is as my contribution and respect towards progress.


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