Visualizing Algorithms

Stumbled upon this interesting read/view.

Taking complicated data and simplifying it visually is a rather powerful way to wrap your brain around a concept, which is why blueprint is so great.

Anyone else have a good source of data/code/etc visualization?

That was an extremely interesting article. Many of the examples are also quite stunningly beautiful. I guess making games is in a sense already a way to visualize data/code, though in a more roundabout way. I don’t have any links to something exactly like what you are describing, but some of the software for generating fractals is somewhat similar. You can create beautiful, infinite patterns by inputting rather simple mathematical formulas, though there the goal is more aesthetic than educational.

Anything that helps with procedural generation is useful for games. I’d be interested to see if it’d be possible to replicate that maze generator in UE4 in full glorious 3d…

Thanks for sharing such a great article. I was amazed how beautiful and artistically an algorithm could be. That would have helped me understanding complex algorithms when I was studying stuff like this. I hope to see more stuff like this or even see some implementations in Unreal.