Visualize Sound?

Hello there, I’ve got this mechanic in my head but I’m not really sure where to get started with it. So in my current project you play as a hunter, and I want this hearing mechanic that visualizes the things he hears. To explain it better it’d work like this:

This is my forest:

Let’s pretend there’s a creature here, just behind those trees

I want it so that when you get in a certain distance of a creature, you see the sound it makes like this:

So yeah, I hope I explained this clearly enough. If anyone has any ideas on how you would get started with this, please let me know. Thank you very much.

EDIT: Actually I figured it out. I just slapped a billboard material on my creature, set “size in screen space” to true, and toggled it’s visibility based on how far away the player is from it. I also set the material on the billboard material to translucent and disabled depth test.