Visualization of a Business Jet

Hello, everybody.

Here are some screenshots of my latest project made with Unreal Engine 4.13.
It’s an interior and exterior visualization of the “Embraer Lineage 1000” and still work in progress. Therefore I will keep updating this thread.

Questions, critiques and comments are welcome!

The 1st picture is very realistic!

I am pleased you like it. Thank you!

Please put this on the Unreal Marketplace when you are finished :smiley:

omg looks just amazing!

Hey jojo,

unfortunately I’m unable to share this project. But I’m willing to explain the pipeline and answer to any kind of question. :slight_smile:

Adik, I’m glad you like it.

Looks good, nice work. =)

shadow under book and magazine NOT :slight_smile: also material on sofa is different from chair. But complete look at project I am stunned :smiley: looks great, inspire me to continue my work in UT :slight_smile:
And this last picture ? is it picture downloaded from net or you made clouds and sun in UT ?

Jon, Thank you! =)

@Kratos. I will work on the issues you pointed out. :wink: The last picture is actually in game and created using the TrueSky Plugin.

Here is another screenshot:


why the floor looks light? but amazing picture~nice job!

How heavy actual model is, how many polygons Unreal need to deal with?

Is it the ‘‘epic courtyard hdri’’ reflection we see on the plane hehe? That reflection should not be there I assume but it’s still a nice picture!

I’m working on a carpet material right now. Once finished, I will upload another Screenshot of the floor. Thank you!

Hey Doc!
I tried to keep the resolution of every single mesh as low as possible to hit the 90hz target on the CV1. I tested the scene with both mid and high-end graphics cards (Gtx 560 ti & Gtx 1070) with stable frames.

Hey Phil,
Nice you point out the reflections. Actually I’m using a Peter Guthrie hdri :slight_smile: Once finished with the Interior, I will concentrate on the exterior and the reflections. There is still a lot to be done. I’m glad you like what you saw so far.

can you post material scheme of that seat?

Beautiful work. Can’t wait to see the next shots. Keep Motivating.