Visual Studio Workflow


As I’m trying to learn C++ and UE4 I often ask myself if I do something wrong in terms of workflow.

I have some years of experience in C# programming and for example adding something new or rearranging something is straight forward - But I wonder how the workflow is supposed to be with this custom build and project architecture in place with UE4.

For example simply adding a cpp file makes it pop up in the intermediate folder instead of the one specified in the solution. So far I worked around this by adding them outside of VS and rebuilding the project files with the batch file provided.

I’m hoping there is a better way of working with the source code that I just missed. :slight_smile:

PS: we are not building gameplay code (yet)! So far we concentrate on some tools and editor additions to replace our old long and winded pipeline we had with CRYENGINE.

Thanks & Happy Coding,


How are you adding new cpp file? Both the “Add Class” and “And New Item” dialogs in Visual Studio allow you to change the location of created files. You should set location for new file to “Source” folder (which is in your project folder).

Alternatively, you can add classes from UE4 Editor. It’s “File->Add Code to Project…”.

Hi Element9,

thanks for your quick reply. :slight_smile:

In my haste I seem to have overlooked that “change location” thingie - thank you!

Guess it will take some getting used to…
(I’m all new to C++, so more n00by questions from me to come xD )