Visual Studio shows errors yet the code compiles fine?

The code compiles fine and the editor opens but for some reason it’s throwing errors on anything I do. It makes it a nightmare to get anything done especially since I’m new to this framework. Is it my Visual Studio install, my code, or my unreal installation?

Those are Intellisense errors. Consider them a “best guess” at what could cause an issue. The problem is, Intellisense is terrible at large code bases and UE4 is pretty large. You can find some steps to try and clean things up here:

Generally if you see those, you are either A.) Missing an include, or B.) Intellisense is just being dumb.

Compile errors are the only errors you should really care about.

Thank you very much. I figured it had something to do with how large ue4 is. I’ll try this.

I am new to Unreal but not to VS and I saw those 10590+ errors yet the project compiled and ran fine. I did a Build - Rebuild Solution and the errors were fixed. No errors. Don’t know if I was lucky.